Supplier audits

Supplier audits

BSI supplier and second-party audits. Verification. Transparency. Trust.

BSI supplier and second-party audits. Verification. Transparency. Trust.

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BSI supplier and second-party audits
BSI supplier and second-party audits
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Supply chain auditing service

Our supply chain auditing service enables you to gain complete visibility into your suppliers' practices, domestic or worldwide. Our expert teams develop a supplier audit programme to suit your requirements and combine it with our risk data and analysis, so you get a holistic risk-based audit across your most sensitive supply chain operations.

Whether it's a pre-set criteria you want us to audit, a combination of a standard or industry requirements, or your own specific protocols, we can work with you to develop the right programme to meet your needs.

Why BSI for supplier auditing services?

  • Objectivity: Get an independent, objective review of your suppliers
  • Expertise: Our professional auditors have a wealth of knowledge across management systems, process evaluation and industries
  • Global: Consistent audit delivery through our worldwide network
  • Local knowledge and support: we make sure it’s relevant to your local market and needs
  • Comprehensive audit programme: we’re an extension of your team
  • More than an audit: you have access to tools that provide insight on risks support with managing supplier audit programmes
  • Trusted partner: reassure your customers that supply chain resilience is at the heart of how you work

What’s involved in a BSI supplier audit programme?

To ensure you get the most out of your supplier audits, our teams offer:

  • Needs analysis: Understand your specific challenges and requirements
  • Audit programmes: Develop or improve your audit programme to best meet your requirements
  • Audit delivery: Conduct audits and deliver audit reports which capture the information you need to be confident in the performance of your suppliers
  • Support: The tools to track and manage your audit programme and its performance
  • Programme reviews: In depth evaluations to identify improvements so your programme continues to deliver

By working with BSI to deliver your supplier audits, you’ll get the information you need to better understand who your suppliers are and how they operate. Our experienced in-country auditors will confirm that your suppliers’ business information, policies and procedures are in-line with your requirements, helping you effectively manage your supply chain and enterprise risk.