Pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical industry

Improving performance and resilience for pharma companies

Improving business performance and resilience for pharmaceutical companies

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Improving business performance and resilience for pharmaceutical companies
Improving business performance and resilience for pharmaceutical companies
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What we do

We help pharmaceutical companies involved in developing complex molecules through every stage of their new product development process and lifecycle, our global services and solutions enhance your end to end manufacturing processes, providing you with the confidence that you are optimising the time to market, whilst ensuring patient safety. We help your performance and protect your brand and business reputation, safeguarding patients, profitability and shareholder value.

For any organization to survive and prosper, they need to anticipate, prepare for, respond and adapt to incremental change and sudden disruptions. This is known as organizational resilience. At BSI, we work with companies globally to help them become more resilient by embedding habits of excellence in each of these three domains: operational, information and supply chain resilience.

Whether you’re working as a manufacturer of pharmaceuticals or involved in the industry, organizational resilience is key. Below you can read more about services we offer:

Operational resilience

Operational resilience delivers improvements across your products/services and processes to meet the evolving needs of your customers as well as improving how you govern your business and value your people.

  • CE Marking for medical devices >
    Gain market access for Europe

  • Quality management system >
    ISO 13485

  • Compliance Navigator >

  • Quality management system >
    ISO 9001

  • Environmental management system >
    ISO 14001

  • Occupational health and safety >
    ISO 45001

  • Risk management >
    ISO 31000

  • Asset management >
    ISO 55001

  • Energy management >
    ISO 50001

  • Business continuity management >
    ISO 22301

  • Medical device risk management >
    ISO 14971

  • Customer satisfaction and complaints management >
    ISO 10002

  • Anti-bribery management system >
    ISO 37001

  • Collaborative business relationship >
    ISO 44001

  • Road traffic safety >
    ISO 39001

  • Medical electrical equipment and systems >
    EN 60601

  • Lean Six Sigma >
    Improve processes

  • Water footprint, principes, requirements and guidelines >
    ISO 14046

  • Health informatics >
    information security management in health

  • Calculating greenhouse gas emission >
    ISO 14064

  • Code of practice for wheelchair passport schemes >
    BS 8603

  • PAS 93 >
    Characterization of human cells for clinical applications

  • PAS 277 >
    Health and wellness apps

  • PAS 278 >
    Principles for the provision of information and advice to individuals to support independent living – code of practice

  • PAS 800 >
    Use of dementia care mapping for improved person-centred care in a care provider organization

  • PAS 1365 >
    Dementia friendly communities

  • PAS 2015 >
    Framework for health services resilience

  • PAS 2060 >
    Product carbon neutrality

  • PAS 5748 >
    Specification for the planning, application, measurement and review of cleanliness services in hospitals